The iron deficiency in childhood can lead subsequently to problems with hearing and vision

The iron deficiency in childhood can lead subsequently to problems with hearing and visionThe iron deficiency in childhood can lead subsequently to problems with hearing and vision If the baby is not getting enough iron, subsequently he may have problems with hearing and eyesight, according to HealthScout. Studies have shown physicians at the University of Michigan, systems, controls in the brain, hearing and vision, slower work in children who suffered in the early years of anemia due to iron deficiency. Iron is essential to the human body for the construction of red blood cells carrying oxygen transport. Thus, iron affects many parts and functions of the body, including the immune system, muscles. At birth the child's body has a reserve of iron. Healthy, full-term baby can do without replenishment of iron until 6-9 months of age. Читать полностью -->

Canadian priests were forbidden to having AIDS and being gay

Canadian priests were forbidden to having AIDS and being gaySeminary of Montreal (Montreal) introduced mandatory for their students - HIV testing, сообщаетcz on the website of the TV channel CBC. This practice is in conflict with Quebecois Charter of rights and freedoms, however, the priests decided not to dwell on the analyses, but also to know the orientation of applicants. As stated by the author of innovations, Archbishop of Montreal, Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte (Jean-Claude Cardinal Turcotte), if the infection has passed through homosexual contact, "we will find out who is actually our competitor". Homosexuals will not receive an immediate failure, but the chance of learning in small Seminary. The Seminary initiative was criticized as from representatives of the gay movement, and human rights defenders. First called the Church act of discrimination, and the latter decided to exclude the Seminary of the Charter. Читать полностью -->

Passive Smoking is more dangerous than previously thought

Passive Smoking is more dangerous than previously thoughtPassive Smoking is more dangerous than previously thought on June 19, the International Agency for research on cancer (IARC) published the preliminary results of his research about the dangers of Smoking. Scientific evidence indicates that tobacco smoke are more malignant than was previously thought. It is dangerous for the smoker and for those who are close to him. Smoking has long been identified as one of the causes of cancer. But now scientists are watching more than one generation of smokers revealed a clearer picture of the dangers of tobacco. The division of the world health organization IARC conducted a special research study that showed that the risk of cancer as a result of Smoking is much higher than previously thought. Читать полностью -->

Excretory system

Excretory systemThe General state of our health and vitality of the body often, as in a mirror, reflects the state of our excretory system. If we are in a state of chronic stress or chronic fatigue, we become much more susceptible to re-cystitis and other urinary tract infections. Conversely, kidney disease, greatly reduces the overall energy of the body, and to treat them only from professionals. Very important role of the kidneys is to maintain our body's balance of electrolytes, or dissolved in a liquid mineral substances, and to derive from it poisonous substances. Painful conditions of the urinary system can occur not only due to infections or serious diseases, but also under the influence of hormonal changes, and for men it is associated with improper functioning of the prostate gland (see section "the Reproductive system"); plays an important role here and stress. The great value has the status of muscle tone, especially when people get older and the bladder begins to contract, that is to atrophy; at this time may be useful exercises that help you maintain control over bladder function. Читать полностью -->

the Doctors were banned exposing IBM

the Doctors were banned exposing IBMAmerican scientists have announced a boycott of the scientific journal Clinics in Occupational and Environmental Medicine for refusing to publish articles that employees IBM dying prematurely from cancer and some other diseases. It is reported that the leadership of Elsevier, which publishes a journal, pressed the representatives of IBM. The latter argue that the article is not credible. An article about the risk of disease development among the employees of the companies-manufacturers of computers wrote researcher Joe La Du from the University of California (San Francisco). After a failure in the printing of the article, he criticized the censorship of the magazine. Then he was joined by colleagues. Читать полностью -->

Typhoid fever typhus

Typhoid fever typhusTYPHUS TYPHUS (typhus epidemic, louse)- acute rickettsioses disease characterized by fever, General intoxication, damage of blood vessels and nervous system. Possible recurrence of the disease after many years (disease Brill). Applies to vector-borne anthroponoses, transmitted by lice. Etiology, pathogenesis. The disease is caused by Rickettsia of Prowazeki; enter the body through the smallest damage to the skin when scratching, followed by rubbing of the skin of the infected feces of lice; breed in the vascular endothelium, causing vasculitis, leading to poor circulation. The most pronounced changes occur in the brain, adrenal glands, and skin. Читать полностью -->

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